Friday, November 12, 2010


Wooooooooohoooooooooo!!! I have such an amazing guy! He just gave me the coolest gift, for no special reason.  He got me a subscription to ShoeDazzle by Kim Kardashian!! Thank you boy!  So yesterday I was so excited because I have been checking out this website forever ( This is going to be fun.
 A little about how ShoeDazzle works.  Basically you join as a member for free.  ShoeDazzle has lots of fashion stylist that pick shoes, purses, and jewelry, to enter into your own private showroom based on your own taste.  How do they know about your taste?  Well, when you join as a member, they give you a couple quizzes which help them to determine what your likes are and what your not likes are. <~~does that even make sense...oh well! So you become a member and every month, these fashion stylist put new items into your show room.  Whenever you decide to make your first purchase from this company, is when you become an official member and client.  You are charged only $39.95 per month after your first purchase, and if you
don't want anything, nothing strikes you in your showroom, or have other bills to pay, you can opt for the 'skip this month' option and not pay for that month!! How freaking cool is that!! If you guys want to try it out you may say that I referred you!

That being said, I placed my first order yesterday (clap clap clap) :) I ordered a purse called Arizona.  None of the shoes in my showroom really caught my eye this month. I even asked for different options but still didn't see one I liked.  So I opted for a purse.  This is what I ordered. Hope you like it because I do!! As soon as I get it I will upload some more pics of the REAL thang!! Till then...toodles!

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