Thursday, November 25, 2010


About a week ago I received my very first order from Shoe Dazzle.  All I can say is that I am very impressed with the quality of the bag that I got.  It feels as if it was worth more than $100.  The material used is amazing and strong.  The lining inside the purse is stitched on perfectly and feels tremendously sturdy.  The material inside is also gorgeous.  Enough of the blabbering, the picture story follows...

This is what the package looks like when it is shipped to your house from LA.  

When you open the box...its pink inside with the Shoe Dazzle logo!!!! It comes with an invoice/receipt that shows exactly what you ordered, and also a return shipping label.  Very professional and customer considerate.

After removing those papers, this is what the product is wrapped in.  White paper with a pink sticker with the Shoe Dazzle logo on it.

Open up the paper wrap and viola!! This is freakin cute guys!! IT COMES WITH A PINK SHOE DAZZLE STORAGE BAG!! yay!!! This shows how much thought this company puts into their product presentation and how they want their customer to feel as if they were given the very best.  I absolutely love the fact that I have a bag that I can store and protect my purse in.  Perfect.

Heres what it looks like standing.  Uber cute.

Theres MY ARIZONA =)   LIKE!


Lovely detailing.

The handles came wrapped for protection...amazing packaging.

Stitching and embellishments are done with taste.

It even came with a strap, which I personally would not use, but great to have for someone who may.

Heres what the inside looks like, there are two compartments separated by a zipper pocket in the middle.  Not too thrilled about the color inside but the quality of the material is amazing.  The feel and strength of it is probably better than some of the high fashion purses that I do own. It feels as if the lining is three times thicker than a normal purse.  

So here is my unbiased and truthful review for my first order from ShoeDazzle.  I have nothing but great things to say about them.  First off, the packaging was perfect and some.  I love the fact that they included a storage bag for the purse.  The color of the purse which is sort of a charcoal color is great.  Its hard to find purses in that color so I love it.  I don't really like the color of the lining inside the purse.  BUT, the quality of the material really makes up for that.  The materials used feels as if it is worth WAY more than $40.  I was expecting less to be honest.  I thought for $40 bucks a month there is no way I'm going to get something good, but I should trust in Kim Kardashian :) I absolutely love this purse.  There is nothing bad that I have to say about it and I cannot wait to order something else from ShoeDazzle.  I feel as if I bought something that is super expensive for a great deal!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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